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Gales Ferry, CT 06335
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Old Saybrook Ct., 06475
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We are excited that you have chosen Gales Ferry Pediatrics for your child's medical care. Your comfort and convenience are our priority, and we strive to make every visit to our office a positive experience. To help you get acquainted with our office and first visit procedures, we have included helpful information on this page.

Our Mission

Our practice is working together to build life-long relationships between our staff and our patients by consistently providing our patients with compassion, excellence and value. To fulfill this mission, we are committed to:

  • Improving the lives of the children we serve by providing quality care in a child-centered environment.
  • Listening to our young patients and their families who we are privileged to serve.
  • Guiding our patients along a path of optimal health and wellness.
  • Continually pursuing excellence at all levels through continuing education.

Patient Forms (including Electricity forms):

To expedite your first appointment, please arrive a few minutes early to complete registration forms so that we have all the necessary information to treat your child.  SCHOOL/CAMP/College/FMLA forms/Electrical Shut off notice forms: There is a $10.00 fee for any 24 hour completion request for school or camp.    Any lost forms will be assessed a $10.00 replacement fee. 

****Please allow 7 days to have these forms filled out. PARENTS:  please fill out all information that is required by the parent :(list of all medications, allergies, demographics) and provide the staff with a contact number. Please drop off any forms to be filled out during regular business hours M-F 8a-7pm.  Forms will not be filled out during weekend hours.

Updated Immunization Policy for Gales Ferry Pediatrics

Throughout the history of Gales Ferry Pediatrics, it has been our policy to accept unimmunized and under immunized patients.  Our goal was to educate the parents of these patients so that they would choose to immunize their children.  While we have successfully convinced some parents to properly immunize their children, there remains a small minority who still refuse most or all vaccines.  The recent measles outbreak has caused us to reexamine our policies. 

We take care of children who have immune deficiencies that prevent them from being fully vaccinated.  We also take care of newborns and infants who are too young to be fully immunized, as well as children with transplants and cancers who are immunosuppressed.  We can no longer allow these patients to be placed at risk due to the ill-advised decisions of a few.  Vaccines are effective and safe.  All of us who have children have vaccinated them completely.  While there are potential side effects of vaccines, they are almost always mild.  Severe reactions to vaccines have been documented but are exceptionally rare.  Immunizations are tested and studied extensively for safety; they do not cause autism or other developmental disorders.

Effective immediately, we will no longer be taking new patients who refuse to immunize in a timely manner.  Effective April 1 2015, we will be discharging current patients from our practice who refuse to immunize in a timely manner as described below.  Patients who are being discharged will receive a letter stating the reasoning behind the decision.  We will continue to provide urgent and acute care for these patients for up to 30 days after the date of the letter. This will give parents some time to find a new provider.  Patients who receive this letter who wish to remain in the practice must receive their immunizations according to the catch-up schedule written by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Failure to adhere to this schedule will result in discharge from the practice.  Patients who cannot be immunized because of a true medical contraindication will be exempt from this policy. 

We strongly encourage adherence to the CDC/AAP recommended schedule.  This schedule has been tested for safety and is timed to protect children from infectious diseases in a timely manner.  Failure to adhere to this schedule puts the child at unnecessary risk of exposure to infectious disease and has no effect on decreasing side effects from the vaccines.  At minimum, the following guidelines must be met:

  • 3 doses of DTaP, Hib, Prevnar, and Rotateq by 9 months of age

  • 3 dose of polio vaccine by 18 months

  • 1 dose of MMR and Varivax by 18 months

  • Tdap booster by 12 year of age

We know this policy may cause some inconvenience; we believe, however, that it is in the best interest of all of our patients.  Please feel free to discuss any questions about this policy with your clinician.  We look forward to continuing to care for your children.


The Physicians of Gales Ferry Pediatrics, Northeast Medical Group


Check Ups


2 Month Check Up
4 Month Check Up
6 Month Check Up
9 Month Check Up
12 Month Check Up
15 Month Check Up
18 Month Check Up
4 Year Check Up
5 Year Check Up
$10.00 fee for each form filled (only if requested for 24 hour completion)

Vaccine info/Medical forms



In order to view or print these forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Click here to download it.

What to expect

A pleasant, comfortable first visit builds trust and helps put the child at ease during future visits. We want your child to enjoy getting to know our doctors and staff, so we work hard to establish this bond during every appointment to our office. During your initial appointment, we will explain everything in detail and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to meeting you and your child and providing the quality, comprehensive medical care you expect and deserve.


Directions to the Gales Ferry Office:

I-95 to exit 86 (CT-12 / US Sub Base), follow exit to CT-12, turn right at light
onto CT-12. The office is approximately 3.4 miles on the left.

Directions to the Old Saybrook Office:

From  I-95South:
take exit 69 (Route 9 North) to exit 2. Turn left at the end of the ramp(stop sign),
and bear left at fork in the road, and then turn left at stop sign onto RTE 154 South,
cross under RTE 9 to first building on right.

From I-95 North: take exit 67, left where ramp splits onto Rt 154, follow past auto malls. Our office is on the left before the Rt 9 overpass.

From RTE 9 South: take exit 2. Turn right onto RTE 154. Building is on your
right, immediately after the exit.